Thursday, September 08, 2005


The growing number of Free Dominion Watch spinoffs now have links in the sidebar. Please note: there are currently no plans to to sue those watching Free Dominion Watch.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


The response by FD to this blog was rapid and predictable. You can look at the threads denouncing us here and here-- but hurry or you might miss them.

One recent visitor from Pakistan stood out, mainly because he was following a link from FD. Who reads FD in Pakistan? Who is exploring Canadian "conservatives" from Pakistan's north-west frontier?

We'll probably never know, but a quick google search turned up a picture from Abottabad, Pakistan:

Friday, September 02, 2005

About This Site

This site exists for one reason: to review the outrageous comments at FD, the ones that appear to be overlooked by the moderators. There are too many of them.

We do not lump all posters at FD together, or assume that these quotes are representative of the members or leadership. Some of the comments at FD are intelligent and thoughtful, as are many posters. In fact, when reviewing quotes we link directly to the pages on which they are found so that our readers can easily ascertain context and see any counter-arguments.

One commenter mentioned "registered trademarks" but we have been unable to find any information about this. Our name is used in good faith, similar to the fair use of sites like CBC Watch.

EDIT: In case we were not clear, we see no evidence that Connie, the FD site administrator, or the other moderators believe the more disgusting views which we highlight.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Free Image Hosting at

A link served up by the Blogging Tories on the front page of FD said "Ignore the moonbats and donate." I couldn't have put it any better.

The natural disaster in Louisiana is one of the worst North America has seen for decades. It's enough to evoke sympathy and compassion from the hardest cynic as tens of thousands are struggling to survive. While Louisiana's mayor delivered the news that thousands may be dead, some FDers want to add to the body count.

"there was a time when looters were shot dead w/o warning."
"they should try and restore electricity to some of the power lines still down in the water, and fry some of these looters right in the street."

Yes, the people have not suffered enough, let's kill them as they stock up on groceries.

"I know it'll be pointed out again but the looters are honestly 99-100% black. I kid you not. Every video I've seen of people looting it is 100% blacks doing the looting."
"Wonder what the excuse might be this time.. is it racially motivated like in L.A. South Central? Ah, I guess we better not talk about it. Just like crime is NOT increasing in Canada due to Indians, Africans and Jamaicans. Oh, lets not point fingers and ask for the real causes...."

"I just saw some footage of mass looting on CNN. The blacks were trashing stores, setting fires and knocking over garbage all over the place. I swear if you didn't know it was New Orleans you'd think it was Haiti, Liberia or Zimbabwe. The only white people were the cops trying to keep order.
It is un-frickin-believable what is going on."

It sure is. At least this time one of the moderators spoke out in opposition, "
The critic line is already far too long and as useless as usual."

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Guantanamo Bay

Amnesty International has some sobering things to say about Guantanamo Bay.

"Hundreds of detainees remain held in tiny cells for up to 24 hours a day without any legal process."

"None of the detainees was granted prisoner of war status nor brought before a competent tribunal to determine his status, as required by the Third Geneva Convention. None has been granted access to a court to be able to challenge the lawfulness of his detention, as required by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which the United States is a party. Detainees have been denied access to legal counsel and their families. When a state, let alone one as powerful as the United States of America, adopts a selective approach to international law and standards, the integrity of those standards is eroded."

"The International Committee of the Red Cross has taken the unusual step of going public about the deterioration in mental health it has witnessed among many of the detainees as a result of the indefinite and isolating incarceration regime."

"Guantanamo Bay is a human rights scandal."

FD brings us another point of view. The poster SovietCanuckistan shares this enlightened gem:

Guantanamo Bay is a disgraceful place and should be closed down immediately.

There should be no muslim terrorist prisoners. Why does the US need to house these savage animal dogs in sunny Cuba, giving them nintendo and korans? These terrorist scum should have their heads cut off and their bodies processed as pig feed.

The fact a country club prison exists for these savages is offensive. Kill them all and close down Gitmo. Gitmo = left wing response to terrorism.

It takes a special kind of hole in the sand to be deep enough to allow a person to believe that torture and denial of due process are the left wing response to terrorism, somehow pushed into practice through the Republican controlled senate, house, and presidency.

Poster rightwingnutbar said:

itmo is a travesty of farmers rights the world over.

As these combatants are captured on the battlefield and sent to Gitmo the government is ignoring the rights of hemp farmers in the USA. Rather than keeping the useless crap bags as prisoners, each should be entitled to a short section of hemp rope (from US farms) fashioned into a convenient loop shape, and then fastened to a sturdy beam on one end, and looped around the prisoners neck as a medal for their 'valiant' actions against the american pig-dogs.

And then the floor should fall out from under them.

Extremism is an ugly thing, whether it is found in terrorists who target civilians or "principled conservatives" who believe that death is an appropriate penalty for people who never had a trial. Worst of all, this poster is actually advocating the death of fellow Canadian citizens based on hearsay and warped trust in government.

Governor General Michaelle Jean

Some members of FD organized a rally against the appointment of Michelle Jean as Governor General of Canada, though why they did so is anyone's guess. The Globe and Mail reported that "the weekend protest was mired in accusations of racism by a second group of about 20 people claiming the demonstrators' objections to Ms. Jean are based on her skin colour, and not her alleged ties to Quebec separatists.

Protest organizer Debbie Jodoin, a member of the conservative group Free Dominion, denied the allegation, saying the protest had nothing to do with Ms. Jean's race but rather the controversy surrounding her appointment."

Indeed there was controversy over the ties of Jean's husband with Quebec separatists, followed by allegations that Michelle Jean may be a separatist. Over at FD, it appears Jean is guilty until proven innocent. Despite a lack of evidence conclusively showing that Jean is a separatist, FD organized a rally to tar and feather her.

From the Ottawa Sun comes this account: "I think it's a black thing," said Anne Clarke.

"Canadians are not informed about the role of black people" in the country, Clarke said, adding that the protesters have said they want "Canada to be the way it was."

The posts at Free Dominion do little to dispel Clarke's argument. Here is what some FD members had to say upon hearing that Hatian immigrants in Montreal held a church service for Jean.

"Where is the separation of voodoo dolls and state? Mixing religion and politics is simply un-Canadian. Ms. Jean's appointment will no doubt signify a shrunken head in every pot and a dead cow in every garage."

"I was going to hold onetoday too but couldnt find any chickens to sacrafice."

"I don't want a french citizen, separatist freak as my GG, in a way I find it offensive to my English-Canadian heritage"

These were not made by new members, people infiltrating FD to make it look bad; one of the posters had nearly 1500 comments and another other over 8000.

Again from the Ottawa Sun:
"Protest organizer Debbie Jodoin fought back against the allegations, saying the protest has nothing to do with Jean's race, but rather the controversy surrounding her appointment. Jodoin questioned whether she was the appropriate choice to represent the Queen in Canada."Who comes first, Madame Jean? Quebec, France, or Canada? Madame Jean, where do your loyalties lie?" asked Jodoin, calling attention to Jean's dual citizenship with France."

An FDer backed up her claims saying, "Do Haitians receive automaic French citizenship because the Hitler loving French state was once the colonial overlord of Haitti? Didn't think so. Yet Jean grovelled before her country's former colnial overlords and received the special 30 pieces of silver Judas Kiss in the form of specially granted French Master Race citizenship. She obviosly likes being on her knees before her Masters. Their were such like people as her who sold out thei countries to Hitler and Stalin. Congratulations for a job well done, Jean."

The FD argument against Jean seems to grow weaker with every post. Are we expected to believe Michaelle Jean should not be governor general because of the presence of controversy or a duel citizenship? Should her intellectualism and public relations knowledge count for nothing?

"Few Canadians outside of Quebec know of Jean, while there are other Canadians better known and more accomplished who should have been appointed, said Jodoin, who has also been involved in rallies for Canadian troops and a demonstration against gay marriage.

"As for the argument that Jean is not well-known outside of Quebec, Clarke said many of the names tossed about as candidates for governor general are not known across the nation.

"There are a lot of people in the west and in the east we don't know. Is that saying there is something wrong with them because I don't know their history?"

Jean must fight off the fringes to claim her appointment since not only is she black, or Quebecois; she is both black and Quebecois (with a French citizenship).

Monday, August 29, 2005

Free Dominion Hacked

In January 2005, the FBI arrested Jeremy Hammond who was responsible for hacking, among other sites. The responses on FD reveal a great deal about the mentality that dominates there.

Warning: these posts are repulsive.

"Enjoy getting sodomized in jail you little degenerate!"

"Pwned! Love to see left wing scum get it. Now, more importantly... let's see if he's still pro-homo after a spell in the jailhouse. Heh. Hope he holds onto that soap tight."

"Best thing for this guy is general population. He's so pretty."

"A young piece of meat like that will have no problem making new friends that will show him how to really hack."

"I look forward to reading about Jeremy's new love interest in the Federal pen . . ."

"Permanent indentured servitude sounds good to me. Make him FD's slave-boy."

"Hacking = Terrorism and should be dealt with similarily."


Volunteers for the annual firing squad for left wing traitors
All expenses paid and a trip to Washington DC to visit the President
And receive $500,000

Paranoia abounds:

"For all we know, Canadian law enforcement have been told to keep their hands off Jeremy Hammond and his ilk as long as they're targeting critics of the Liberal regime."

"Hmmm wonder how long till the elite hollerwoodies and Deanites wait to try and turn this guy into a hero."

It's hard to believe, but if you have a strong stomach, you can check it out for yourself.

The Conservative Movement

Like other large political movements, the conservative movement in Canada has many streams. They are all based on differing political philosophies which causes tension when the groups come face to face in the big-tent Conservative Party of Canada. It also explains why conservatives are on a journey through cycles of cohesion, then bitter rancour and infighting which cripples their party.

Red tories, libertarians, social conservatives, and neoconservatives--people from all of these groups and more have joined the Canadian conservative movement.

Of special interest at this blog is the popular online front for Canadian neoconservatives and curious like-minded Americans, Free Dominion.

This message board claims to be the home of principled conservatism, but does not define what principled conservatism is. Join us at free dominion watch as we discover just what they mean together.